b'POLYETHYLENE TUBE360 YEL ORA RED GRN BLU BLKLOW DENSITYWorkingTube O.D.Actual I.D.WallPressurePART No.(IN.)(IN.)Thickness(P.S.I.)360-4-501/4.170.040125360-4-1001/4.170.040125360-4-10001/4.170.040125360-4H-1001/4.125.062170360-5-1005/16.187.062130360-6-503/8.250.062100360-6-1003/8.250.062100360-8-501/2.375.06290360-8-1001/2.375.06290360-10-505/8.500.06280360-10-1005/8.500.06280360-12-1003/4.625.06260Polyethylene tube is manufactured from F.D.A. approved resins. It has very low moisture absorption. It is fungus resistant, non-corrosive,HIGH DENSITYand highly resistant to stress cracking. It is suitable for air and water applications and is used for beverage and soda transfer. It is availableWorkingTube O.D.Actual I.D.WallPressurein two types, low and high density. Low density providesexibilityPART No.(IN.)(IN.)Thickness(P.S.I.)and high density, while not asexible, has a higher temperature and359-4-1001/4.170.040250pressure rating. 359-4-10001/4.170.040250ORDERING INFORMATION 359-4H-1001/4.125.062280 PACKAGING:50, 100 FT. COILS 359-5-1005/16.187.062250500 AND 1000 FT. REELS ON 360 TUBE 359-6-1003/8.250.062250359-8-1001/2.375.062250TO ORDER REELS CHANGE -100 TO -500 359-10-1005/8.500.062160OR -1000 TEMPERATURE:LOW DENSITY -40F to +160F, -40C to +71CHIGH DENSITY -40F to +250F, -40C to +121C FITTINGS:400 Series (Page 13)PC Series(Page 14 - 15)900 Series (Page 64) COLOR CODES: 360 series only: BLK (Black), BLU (Blue),GRN (Green),ORA (ORANGE), Red (Red), YEL (Yellow)NOT ALL SIZES ARE AVAILABLE IN ALLCOLORS.MINIMUM RUNS APPLY.NOTE: To order a color suf x the size code with a color code WARNINGExample: 360-6GRN-100, 360-6RED-1000.For natural colorUSE OF THIS TUBE WITH FITTINGS OTHER THAN(opaque) omit the color code. Dark colors have better U.V. resistanceFAIRVIEW ORIGINAL WILL VOID WARRANTY.for outdoor applications.NOTE:THE WORKING PRESSURES LISTED FOR THIS TUBE IS RATED AT +70F,+21C. ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE ABOVE LISTED WORKING PRESSURES.135'