b'AIR BRAKE HOSE ASSEMBLIESBULKHEAD AND SLIDER HOSE ASSEMBLIES-40F to +200F, -40C to +93C TEMPERATURE RANGE D.O.T. Listed 225 P.S.I. Working Pressure-40F to +200F, -40C to +93C Many Other Common Lengths Available From Stock. Custom Lengths On Request. LengthTolerance For Assemblies Requiring -65F, -54C Cold Weather Arctic Hose Simply Replace HAB Up to 36 1/4Pre x With HABA (HABA-6-24B)Bulk Hose Page 92Display Rack Page 261 Above 361% of lengthBULKHEAD HOSE ASSEMBLYF PipeSW PipeHose. PART No.SizeSizeI.D. (IN.)HoseHAB-6-__BHBLSC-SG1/43/83/8Rubber1/2 MALE 3/8 I.D. HOSE 3/8WITH SPRINGHABA-6-__BHBLSC-SG1/43/83/8Arctic HoseBULKHEAD x 1/4GUARDS LIVE SWIVELFEMALE PIPE (-SG) MALE PIPENOTE:__ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.LIVE SWIVEL END(Still swivels once connected)SERVICEABLE SLIDER HOSE ASSEMBLYLSW PipeTubeHosePART No.SizeSizeI.D. (IN.)HoseHAB-6-__SABH6-SG3/83/83/8RubberDOT 3/8 I.D. HOSE 3/8 HAB-6-__SABH8-SG3/81/23/8RubberAIR BRAKE WITH SPRINGLIVE SWIVEL HABA-6-__SABH6-SG3/83/83/8Arctic HoseGUARDSTUBE (-SG) MALE PIPE HABA-6-__SABH8-SG3/81/23/8Arctic Hose(7/8-20 MOUNTINGLIVE SWIVEL ENDTHREAD)NOTE:__ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.(Still swivels once connected)CONTROL LINE SLIDER HOSE ASSEMBLYTubeHosePART No.SizeI.D. (IN.)HoseHAB-4-__ABH63/81/4RubberDOT 1/4 I.D. HOSE DOTHABA-4-__ABH63/81/4Arctic HoseAIR BRAKE WITH SPRINGAIR BRAKEGUARDSNOTE:__ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.TUBE (-SG) TUBE(7/8-20 MOUNTING SEE PAGE FOR AIR SHIFT TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLIES.THREAD)SLIDER AXLE HOSE ASSEMBLYTubeHosePART No.SizeI.D. (IN.)HoseHAB-6-__ABH6-SG3/83/8Rubber3/8 I.D. HOSE HAB-6-__ABH8-SG1/23/8RubberDOT DOT HAB-8-__ABH8-SG1/21/2RubberAIR BRAKE WITH SPRINGAIR BRAKEGUARDSTUBE (-SG) TUBE HABA-6-__ABH6-SG3/83/8Arctic Hose(7/8-20 MOUNTINGHABA-6-__ABH8-SG1/23/8Arctic HoseTHREAD) HABA-8-__ABH8-SG1/21/2Arctic Hose NOTE:__ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.CAUTION: Some agents used in the curing of rubber hose may leach out over time. Trace amounts may be enough to cause problems for sensitive hands. Gloves should be worn and care taken in handling of rubber hose products.95'