b'FAIRVIEW FITTING CABINETSFAIRVIEW FITTING CENTERStand Alone Storage Cabinet(Up to 110 Drawers)PART No. XC110-CA PART NO.XB110-CA(No Legs or Shelf)This steel cabinet has 110 clear plastic slidingHeight 41-3/4 inches Width 31-1/2 inchesdrawers, each with the option of dividing into 4Depth6 inchescompartments. It is featured in Fairviews red, black and yellow colors.Its equipped with steel tubular legs that can safely hold this Industrial cabinet. Large open bottom shelf for overstock is also supplied.Note: Label sets are not included with the cabinet. ForStandard cabinet suggested producttting packages see page 256. drawer is the PD-110.Overall: Double size cabinet drawers Height: 61 inches (PD-55) are available.Width:33-1/2 inchesState PD-55 quantity Depth: 18 inches requirements when ordering.Standard Drawer Dimensions: Double Drawer Dimensions:(Optional)PART No. PD-110PART No. PD-55 Width: 2-3/4 inches Width5-3/4 inchesLength: 5-3/4 inches Length 5-3/4 inchesDepth: 2-1/2 inches Depth2-1/2 inchesCOMPACT FAIRVIEW FITTING CENTERCounter / Wall MountingDrawer Cabinet(Up to 20 Drawers)PART No. XB20-CAThis cabinet has 20 drawers, each one with the capability of dividing into 4 separate compartments. It is featured in Fairviews red, black and yellow colors.Overall: Note: Label sets are not included with Height: 16 inches the cabinet. For suggested producttting Width:17 inches packages see page 254.For drawer dimensions seeDepth:6 inches252'