b'AUTOMOTIVE FITTINGSBRASS AIR SHIFT TRANSMISSION FITTINGS90 ELBOWSLEEVE UNION Tube ToCOUPLING Male PipePART No.TubeFuller No.PART No.TubeFuller No. 862-21/884101 PART No.TubePipeFuller No.860-21/883001 862-2-1/25/3284102 869-2A1/81/885002860-2-1/25/3283002 869-2-1/2A5/321/885001CONNECTORTube To TO ASSEMBLENUTMale Pipe1PLACE NUT AND SLEEVE OVER TUBEPART No.TubePipeFuller No. 2PUSH TUBE INTO FITTING AS FAR AS POSSIBLE868-2-11/81/1684001PART No.TubeFuller No. 3FINGER TIGHTEN NUT868-2A1/81/884002861-21/883501868-2-1/2-15/321/1683003 4.COMPLETE SEAL WITH WRENCH ONE FULL TURN861-2-1/25/3283502 868-2-1/2A5/321/8N/A AIR SHIFT TRANSMISSION KITSFairviews air shift transmission kit has a selection ofFairviews push-to-connect air shift transmission kit has attings in a light weight compact kit. selection ofttings in a light weight compact kit.Split sleevePush-to-connectcompressionttingsttingsPART No. ASTM-KIT PART No. ASTM-KIT-PCKit Dimensions Kit DimensionsPART No.DescriptionQty. Height: 3.50 In. PART No.DescriptionQty. Height: 3.50 In.862-2Union, 1/8 Tube 3PC62-2Union, 1/8 Tube 3 862-2-1/2Union, 5/32 Tube3Width: 6.25 In. PC62-2-1/2Union, 5/32 Tube3Width: 6.25 In.868-2-1Connector, 1/8 Tube 1/16 Pipe3Depth: 1.25 In. PC68-2X1Connector, 1/8 Tube 1/16 Pipe3Depth: 1.25 In.868-2-1/2-1Connector, 5/32 Tube 1/16 Pipe3PC68-2-1/2-1 Connector, 5/32 Tube 1/16 Pipe3 868-2-1/2AConnector, 5/32 Tube 1/8 Pipe3PC68-2-1/2AConnector, 5/32 Tube 1/8 Pipe3 868-2AConnector, 1/8 Tube 1/8 Pipe3PC68-2AConnector, 1/8 Tube 1/8 Pipe3 869-2-1/2AElbow, 5/32 Tube 1/8 Pipe3PC69-2-1/2AElbow, 5/32 Tube 1/8 Pipe3 869-2AElbow, 1/8 Tube 1/8 Pipe3PC69-2AElbow, 1/8 Tube 1/8 Pipe3 See Page 116 for J1402 D.O.T. Air Shift Transmission Assemblies9'