b'C.S.A. CERTIFIED BRASS PRECISIONNEEDLE VALVES FOR LP GAS TO 350 P.S.I.These instrumentation valves with knurled brass hand wheels, are used with air, LP gases(such as torch applications) and liquids. Each valve is machined from brass bar stock and pressure tested at the factory. The stem is stainless steel with ane thread for controllingowand the O-ring packing assures leak proof, trouble free service.PIPE WELDINGFemale STANDARDTo ToMale Male Pipe PART No.FlowPipe Welding 850-A1/8 PART No.PipeFlowThread850-B1/4 853-L1/49/16-18 L.H.850-BRF1/4 854-L1/49/16-18 L.H.(REVERSE FLOW) (REVERSE FLOW)PIPE PIPEMale FemaleTo ToMale Female PART No.Pipe PART No.Pipe851-A1/8 852-A1/8851-B1/4 852-B1/4CERTIFICATIONS CAN EXPIRE. THEY SHOULD BE CONFIRMED WITH THE APPROVING AGENCIES.BRASS PRECISION NEEDLE VALVESPIPEFemaleToMalePART No.FlowPipe850-BRF-SP1/4(REVERSE FLOW)160'