b'AIR BRAKE TRUCK TO TRAILER ASSEMBLIES MEETS OR EXCEEDS: S.A.E J2394, J560, J1402 D.O.T F.M.V.S.S 106 TYPE F TEMPERATURE: -85F to +200F, -65C to +93C FITTINGS: 1/2 live swivel male pipe each endSuperiorexibility, promotes longer hose lifeLengthPART No.3-in-1 ELECTRICAL & AIR BRAKE LINES (FT.)HAB3-ABS-123/8 7-Way Green ABS cable & AB lines; color coded rubber grip12HAB3-ABS-153/8 7-Way Green ABS cable & AB lines; color coded rubber grip15Air Brake / Electric HAB3-ABS-203/8 7-Way Green ABS cable & AB lines; color coded rubber grip20Line Bundles TRUCK TO TRAILER RUBBER AIR BRAKE LINES SAE J1402 rubber air brake hose with factory crimped ends. Red or Blue GLAD GRIPS for easy glad hand connection, identi cation and hose bend protection Swiveltting with spring guard for easy end installation. Internal live swivel at gladhand grip for added strain relief. Assemblies meet D.O.T F.M.V.S.S 106LengthSwivelLow To OrderPART No.(FT.)Male PipeTemp. Complete HABRED-15GGSG151/2-40F, -40C with Gladhand, HABBLU-15GGSG151/2-40F, -40C Suf xHABRED-20GGSG201/2-40F, -40C Part No. with -GHHABBLU-20GGSG201/2-40F, -40CPart numbers above are for ONE Assembly combined with Glad Grip & Spring Guard. LengthLowFeaturing LivePART No.(FT.)Temp.Swivels onHABSPW-15GGSG15-40F, -40CBoth Ends.HABSPW-20GGSG20-40F, -40CPart numbers above are for TWO Assemblies combined with Spiral Hose Guard Wrap.S.A.E. J844 RETRACTABLE AIR BRAKE COILS MEETS: S.A.E. J884D Type 3B D.O.T.F.M.V.S.S. 106 LOW TEMPERATURE RATED COLORS: Red, BlueTHESE PART NUMBERSTEMPERATURE:-85F to +200F, -65C to +93C -85FREPRESENT ASET OF ONE RED AND ONE BLUE ASSEMBLY.PACKAGING:As a Set of One Red and One Blue. (-65C) FITTINGS: 1/2 Male Pipe Each EndWorkingPigtailMaleLengthTube O.D.LengthPipeLowPART No.(FT.)(IN.)(IN.)EndsTemp1486L-8-15151/2121/2-85F,-65C1486L-8-20201/2121/2-85F,-65CTHESE PART NUMBERS REPRESENT 1486L-8RED-15151/2121/2-85F,-65CINDIVIDUAL ASSEMBLIES RED OR BLUE.(15 FT. LENGTH ONLY) 1486L-8BLU-15151/2121/2-85F,-65C97'