b'BRASS D.O.T. AIR BRAKE HOSE COUPLINGSAND TERMINAL BOLTSSLEEVE TERMINAL BOLT (STEEL)PART No.For Hose I.D. HOSE CONNECTOR1490-63/8 FOR HAB ASSEMBLIES Length1490-81/2 PART No.Pipe(IN.)Straight 1496-DC1/2M X 3/8F2NUT PART No.ThreadPipe4134-6B3/4-201/4PART No.For Hose I.D. 4134-6C3/4-203/81491-63/8 4134-6D3/4-201/21491-81/2 4134-8C3/4-203/84134-8D3/4-201/24134-8C-WH7/8-203/84134-8D-WH7/8-201/2 TERMINAL BOLT COUPLER ASSEMBLYUSED WITH HAB ASSEMBLIES. Length(NUT, SLEEVE AND COUPLER) PART No.PipeMaterial(IN.)PART No.For Hose I.D.Pipe 1497-DB1/2M X 1/4F Steel2-3/41492-6B3/81/4 1497-DBS1/2M X 1/4F Brass1-5/81492-6C3/83/81492-6D3/81/21492-8C1/23/81492-8D1/21/2 HOSE SPLICER BULKHEADADAPTERPART No.For Hose I.D. (BRASS)1492-6S3/81492-8S1/2 For NylonFemaleSWIVEL COUPLER ASSEMBLY PART No.Tube O.D.Pipe(NUT, SLEEVE AND COUPLER) 1495N-6C3/83/8PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe 1495N-8C1/23/81492SW-63/8COUPLER1492SW-81/21492SW-6B *3/81/4 PUSH-TO1492SW-6C *3/83/81492SW-6D *3/81/2 PART No.For Hose I.D.Pipe CONNECT1492SW-8C *1/23/8 B1492-6B3/81/4 BULKHEAD* Complete with 4134 series adapter. B1492-6C3/83/8 ADAPTERB1492-6D3/81/2 B1492-8C1/23/8 (STEEL-BRASS)B1492-8D1/21/2For NylonFemalePART No.Tube O.D.PipeCOUPLER ASSEMBLY WITH SPRING GUARD PC1495S-6D3/81/2(NUT, SLEEVE, COUPLER AND SPRING)PART No.For Hose I.D. Pipe1493-6B3/8 1/4 PUSH-TO1493-6C3/8 3/8 CONNECT1493-6D3/8 1/2 NUT WITH TERMINAL BOLT1493-8C1/2 3/8 SPRING HOSE GUARD1493-8D1/2 1/2 (STEEL-BRASS)PART No.For Hose I.D.1494-6 3/8 For NylonLength1494-8 1/2 PART No. Tube O.D.Pipe(IN.)PC1483S-6D3/81/22SWIVEL COUPLER ASSEMBLY WITHPC1483S-8D1/21/22SPRING GUARD(NUT, SLEEVE, COUPLER AND SPRING) TERMINALPART No.For Hose I.D. Pipe BOLT (STEEL) For Nylon1493SW-63/81493SW-81/2 FemaleLength1493SW-6B *3/8 1/4 PART No.Pipe(IN.)1493SW-6C *3/8 3/8 1495-C3/8 X 3/81-3/81493SW-8C *1/2 3/8 1495-L1/4 X 1/41-1/2 For Copper* Complete with 4134 series adapter. 1495-S1/4 X 1/431/32TERMINAL BOLT(STEEL)TERMINALBOLT (BRASS) For NylonLengthPART No. Tube O.D.Pipe(IN.)TERMINAL BOLT (STEEL) FemaleLength 1498N-6D3/81/2M X 1/4F2-5/8 For NylonFor Hose PART No.Pipe(IN.)(Complete with 1461 series brass nut.)PART No.Tube O.D.I.D 1495B-A1/8 X 1/81-1/21499N-6 *3/83/8 1495B-C3/8 X 3/81-1/4* Complete with 1461 series nut. 1495B-D1/2 X 1/21-1/2 For CopperLengthFor CopperFor Hose 1495B-L1/4 X 1/41-1/2 PART No. Tube O.D.Pipe(IN.)PART No.Tube O.D.I.D. 1495B-S1/4 X 1/431/32 1498-6D3/81/2M X 1/4F3-1/4 1499-63/83/8 (Complete with 1161 series brass nut & sleeve.)32'