b'PEX WATER TUBE ACCESSORIESHYDRONIC PRESSURE TEST KITComplete with Water Thread x 3/4 FPT AdapterIDEAL FOR LEAK TESTING OF RADIANT / HYDRONIC HEATING SYSTEMS DrainPressure PART No.InletConnectionGaugeHPT-KIT-1Schrader ValveFemale Swivel Boiler0 - 100(P.S.I.)HPT-KIT-2Schrader ValveFemale Swivel Boiler0 - 200(P.S.I.)HPT-KIT-3Schrader ValveFemale Swivel Boiler0 - 30(P.S.I.)PEX TOOLSCRIMP RING REMOVINGGO-NO-GO GAUGECUTTERPART No.PexPexPex PART No.HCPEX-GNG3/81/23/4 HCPEX-CRC For removing black copper ringsPEXANGLE CRIMP TOOLECONOMIC CLAMPTOOL PART No.PEX Size PART No.HCPEX-RTAC-101/2 HCPEX-RTE HCPEX-RTAC-143/4 Clamp tool for stainless stepless clampsCompact & angled for crimping black rings in tight spaces.OETIKER CLAMP TOOL Pressure test all systems prior to use.PART No.HCPEX-RT Original OETIKER tool for stainless stepless clamps242'