b'WATER HOSE ASSEMBLIESPRESSURE WASH HOSE ASSEMBLIESBLACK COVER (4,000 P.S.I.) LengthActual I.D(PW2) is a one wire construction, black, blue or greycovered hose. Its tubePART No.(FT.)(IN.)is specially formulated to handle high pressure water.Suitable for pressuresPW2A-6-25253/8up to 4,000 P.S.I., at +70F,(+21C), or temperatures up to +250F,(+121C)PW2A-6-30303/8at lower pressures. PW2A-6-50503/8PW2A-6-75753/8 PW2A-6-1001003/8Style of bend protectors may vary.BLUE NON-MARKING COVER (4,000 P.S.I.) LengthActual I.D(PW3) is a one wire construction hose with a special blue non-markingPART No.(FT.)(IN.)cover. Suitable for pressures up to 4,000 P.S.I., at +70F,(+21C), orPW3A-4-30301/4temperatures up to +275F,(+135C) PW3A-4-50501/4PW3A-4-1001001/4PW3A-6-25253/8Swivels on both ends available upon request.PW3A-6-30303/8Suf x PART No. with SW Example: PW3A-6-50SW PW3A-6-35353/8PW3A-6-50503/8PW3A-6-75753/8* Any increase in temp. up to a maximum of 275F will lowerPW3A-6-1001003/8the working pressure considerably. For more than Intermittent applications in this environment (275F Max) we recommend our PW5PW3A-6-50SW503/8High Temp Non Marking Hose.GREY COVER HIGH PRESSURE (6,000 P.S.I.) LengthActual I.D(PW4) is a two wire construction, grey wrapped cover hose.SuitablePART No.(FT.)(IN.)for pressures up to 6,000 P.S.I., at +70F,(+21C) or temperatures up toPW4A-6-30303/8+250F,(+121C), at lower pressures. PW4A-6-50503/8PW4A-6-75753/8PW4A-6-1001003/8RED NON-MARKING HIGH TEMP (3,000 P.S.I.) LengthActual I.D(PW5) is a one wire construction, Red non-marking heat resistant smoothPART No.(FT.)(IN.)cover, dual purpose hose. This hose will handle steam up to +325F,(+163C)PW5A-6-30303/8at 350 P.S.I. and hot water to +250F,(+121C) at 3,000 P.S.I.PW5A-6-50503/8PW5A-6-75753/8PW5A-6-1001003/8NOTE: The outer cover of PW5 hose must be skived (removed) before attaching over the wire crimp ends.NOTE:Any ambient or internal increase in temperature will lower the above listed working pressures.90'