b'ORDERING U.L. / C.S.A. APPROVED TYPE I PROPANE /NATURAL GAS HOSE ASSEMBLIESUsed To Conduct Natural Gas In A Gaseous State And Propane. In Either A Liquid Or Gaseous State Up To 350 P.S.I., Rubber Temperature Range: -60F To 212F (-51C To 100C) Thermoplastic Temperature Range: -40F To 140F (-40C To 60C)Factory made assemblies are available in a variety of con gurations and hose lengths, enter overall length in inches where applicable. Length tolerances for propane hose assemblies and speci ed hose length.HOSE CODE HOSE END FITTING CODEPROPANE SIZE CODESI4CType I 1/4 I.D. (Rubber - Crimp Ends) MPMale Pipe HOSESIZE ENDI4LTCType I 1/4 I.D. (Low Pressure POLPOL End I.D. SIZETUBECODEThermoplastic -Crimp Ends) POLHWPOL End with Hand Wheel 21/82I4TCType I 1/4 I.D. (T = Thermoplastic) POLNE POL End with No Excess Flow 33/163QDCQuick Disconnect Coupler End 41/44HOSE END FITTING CODE QDNQuick Disconnect Nipple End 55/165FCFemale Cylinder Thread QCCQCC1 ACME Connection 63/86FJFemale JIC 81/28FPFemale Pipe SPECIALTY CODE 105/810FSFemale Swivel SAE Flare GRGas Regulator End123/412Ex: (6 = 3/8) PSuf x for Packaged Product 16116FWFemale Welding End (Not All Items Available Packaged) 201-1/420MCMale Cylinder Thread 241-1/224MIMale Inverted Flare 32232EXAMPLE: I4C60FS6MP4 1/4 I.D. TYPE I Rubber, 60 Inches long, 3/8 Female Swivel SAE x 1/4 Male Pipe(Note: not alltting con gurations are approved, length limits may apply depending on application)Hose PART No.MPMPI.D.HoseI4C _ _ MP4MP41/41/41/4RubberMP MP I6C _ _ MP6MP63/83/83/8RubberMALE PIPE MALE PIPENOTE:_ _ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.THREAD THREADHose PART No.FSMPI.D.HoseI4C_ _FS4MP41/41/41/4RubberFS MP I4C_ _FS6MP43/81/41/4RubberI4C_ _FS6MP63/83/81/4Rubber45 S.A.E. MALE PIPEFEMALE FLARE THREAD I6C_ _FS6MP43/81/43/8RubberI6C_ _FS6MP63/83/83/8RubberI6C_ _FS6MP83/81/23/8RubberI6C_ _FS8MP61/23/83/8Rubber NOTE:_ _ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.Hose PART No.FSFSI.D.HoseI4C_ _FS4FS41/41/41/4RubberFS FS I4C_ _FS6FS63/83/81/4Rubber45 S.A.E. 45 S.A.E. I6C_ _FS6FS63/83/83/8RubberFEMALE FLARE FEMALE FLARENOTE:_ _ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE. PACKAGED ASSEMBLY AVAILABLE.Hose PART No.FWFWI.D.HoseI4C_ _FWFW9/16-18 L.H.9/16-18 L.H.1/4 RubberFW FW I6C_ _FWFW9/16-18 L.H.9/16-18 L.H.3/8 Rubber NOTE:_ _ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.FEMALE WELDING FEMALE WELDING9/16-18 L.H. 9/16-18 L.H.PACKAGED ASSEMBLY AVAILABLE.Hose PART No.FCMCI.D.Hose I4C_ _FCMC1-201-201/4RubberFC MC I4TC_ _FCMC1-201-201/4Thermoplastic1-20 SWIVEL FEMALE1-20 SWIVEL MALE NOTE:_ _ ENTER OVERALL LENGTH IN INCHES WHERE APPLICABLE.CYLINDER THREAD CYLINDER THREADPACKAGED ASSEMBLY AVAILABLE.TO BE INSTALLEDBY LICENSED GAS FITTERS ONLY.114'