b'REUSABLE END FITTINGS FOR PTFE HOSEFOR USE WITH S.A.E. 100R14 SMOOTH BORE PTFE HOSE (Page 100)ALL WETTED PARTS ARE BRASSFemale ReplacementMale Pipe Swivel Sleeve37 S.A.E. Flare NominalNominal PART No.HoseI.D.PART No.Hose I.D.Pipe Nominal SR4S-41/4SR425-4A1/41/8 PART No.Hose I.D.Tube SR4S-63/8SR425-4B1/41/4 SR438-441/41/4 SR4S-81/2SR425-6B3/81/4 SR438-555/165/16 SR4S-105/8SR425-6C3/83/8 SR438-663/83/8 SR4S-123/4SR425-8D1/21/2 SR438-881/21/2 SR4S-161SR425-10D5/81/2 SR438-10105/85/8SR425-12E3/43/4 SR438-12123/43/4SR425-16H11 SR438-161611 StraightTubeUsed in conjunction with an 1161 nut &1160 sleeve.Female Nominal D.O.T. Swivel PART No.Hose I.D.Tube Air BrakeSR462-10105/85/8 Sleeve 45 S.A.E. SR462-12123/43/4FlarePART No.TubeNominal D.O.T. 1160-105/8For use with metal Straight Tube.PART No.Hose I.D.Tube Air BrakeSR428-441/41/4 CompressionSR428-555/165/16SR428-663/83/8SR428-881/21/2 NominalSR428-10105/85/8 PART No.Hose I.D.TubeSR428-12123/43/4 SR468-10105/85/890 ELBOW D.O.T.S.A.E. 37 Air BrakeFemale Flare Nut(Swivel)PART No.TubeNominal1161-105/8STAINLESS STEEL AVAILABLE PART No.Hose I.D.Tube 1161-123/4UPON REQUEST (SSR4 Series ) SR439-441/41/4 For use with metal Straight Tube.SR439-663/83/8SR439-881/21/2PTFE REUSABLE FITTINGS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONSSTEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5Wrap masking tape around hose atUse aat surface to push the sleeveMount stem hex in vise. Work the hoseLubricate stem and shell threads. PushWrench tighten stem until clearancedesired lengthand cut square withover the tube underneath the wire untilbore over the stem to size tube. hose onto stem with twisting motion with shell is 1/32 or less. Clean, ne-tooth hack saw. Trim any loosethe tube stock butts against the insideuntil hose seats against stem chamfer. inspect and test.wires and slip two shells on back toshoulder of the sleeve. Push shell forward and hand start back, placing them about 3 From eachthreading.end of hose.73'