b'RV FIELD KITDesigned for Recreational Vehicle Propane Gas RepairsPART No. FKRV-KIT-1 (R.V. Repair Selection) This one sided case is designed for use in theeld. Kit includes a selection of items to complete many Recreational Vehicle propane product repairs.Kit DimensionsHeight: 11.75 In.Width: 14.5 In.Depth: 2.375 In.Gas Systems should only bemaintained by LicensedTechnicians.PART No.DescriptionQty. PART No.DescriptionQty. PART No.DescriptionQty.34-6Tube Coupling 3/8 Swivel 2 48-6B3/8 Flare to 1/4 Pipe3 148-4B1/4 Inv. Flare to 1/4 NPT234-8Tube Coupling 1/2 Swivel2 48-6C3/8 Flare to 3/8 Pipe3 149-4B1/4 Inv. Flare to 1/4 NPT240-6Nut 3/8 Flare5 48-6D3/8 Flare to 1/2 Pipe2 2000Manifold T 1/4 Inv. Flare to 1/4 NPT140-8Nut 1/2 Flare2 49-6CElbow 3/8 Flare to 3/8 Pipe 2 2002Tailpiece Assembly 1/4 242-6Union 3/8 Flare3 50-6DFlanged Elbow 3/8 Flare X 1/2 FPT2 2003-TTailpiece Assembly w/Excess Flow242-8Union 1/2 Flare1 55-6Elbow 3/8 Tube to Tube2 QD-GMRVN4-4M Gas-Flo QD Nipple244-6Tee 3/8 Flare 2 56-6Sealing Cap Nut 3/8 Flare 3 GR-1B-2001-5/16 QCC1 Connector246-6B3/8 Flare to 1/4 FPT2 56-8Sealing Cap Nut 1/2 Flare2 G3020Pilot Broach w/ Handle246-6C3/8 Flare to 3/8 FPT2 58-6Sealing Plug 3/8 Flare5 TTSG-2Tube of Thread Sealant 146-6D3/8 Flare to 1/2 FPT2 81-4NBreakaway Pilot Nut 1/4346-8D1/2 Flare to 1/2 FPT1 121-M8ULThread Sealant Tape1BRASS SWEAT FITTINGS(BAR STOCK)UNION CONNECTOR CONNECTORFemale SolderFemale Solder Female SolderBoth Ends End EndTo Female PipeTo Male Pipe Type K / LActual Type K / L ActualPART No.SizeTube O.D. PART No.SizeTube O.D.Pipe Type K / LActual42SW-101/25/8 46SW-10B1/25/81/4 PART No.SizeTube O.D.Pipe42SW-143/47/8 46SW-10C1/25/83/8 48SW-10B1/25/81/4 48SW-10C1/25/83/846SW-10D1/25/81/2 48SW-10D1/25/81/246SW-10E1/25/83/4 48SW-10E1/25/83/446SW-14D3/47/81/2 48SW-14D3/47/81/246SW-14E3/47/83/4 48SW-14E3/47/83/446SW SERIES IS ANNEALED (HEAT TREATED)TO HELP PREVENT CRACKING.BRASS J.I.C. 37 FLAREJ.I.C. J.I.C.CONNECTORNUT SLEEVE Tube PART No.Tube To PART No.Tube 3721-63/8 Male Pipe3720-63/83720-81/2 3721-81/2 PART No.TubePipe90 ELBOW 3748-4A1/41/83748-4B1/41/4Tube3748-6A3/81/8To3748-6B3/81/445 ELBOW Male Pipe 3748-6C3/83/8TubePART No.TubePipe 3748-8C1/23/83748-8D1/21/2To3749-4A1/41/8 3748-10D5/81/2Male Pipe 3749-4B1/41/4 3748-12E3/43/43749-6B3/81/4PART No.TubePipe 3749-6C3/83/83754-4B1/41/4 3749-8C1/23/83754-6B3/81/4 3749-8D1/21/23754-6C3/83/8 3749-10D5/81/23754-8C1/23/8 3749-12E3/43/45'