b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS AND RISERSCOPPERSERT COPPER TO PE TRANSITION COUPLINGSDR /Copper PART No.SIZEWallSizeMaterialPF-410131/2CTS.0901/2 O.D.PE4710 / PE3408TRANSITION FITTINGS:Provide a quick solution for transition from iron pipe to polyethylene pipe or tube. SDR/ PART No.DESCRIPTIONSIZEWallMaterialPF-700205Transition, Threaded3/4IPSX 1/2CTS.0902306 / 2406 PF-700802Transition, Threaded3/4IPSSDR 112306 / 2406ELBOWS: To be use where tight 90 degree turns are required.SDR / PART No.SIZEWallMaterialPF-506361IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-503250101-1/4IPSSDR 9.3PE4710 / PE3408THREE WAY TEES: To branch off to same size tube or pipe.SDR / PART No.SIZEWallMaterialPF-501991/2 CTS.090PE4710 / PE3408PF-509293/4 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-502921 CTS.099 / .103PE4710 / PE3408PF-506341 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408PF-503270101-1/4 IPSSDR 9.3PE4710 / PE3408PF-503162 IPSSDR11PE4710 / PE3408REDUCING TEES: To branch off to a reduced tube or pipe size.SDR/SDR/SDR/ PART No.SIZEWallSIZEWallSIZEWallMaterialPF-504613/4 IPSSDR113/4 IPSSDR111/2 CTS.090PE4710 / PE3408PF-50451 1CTS.099/.1031CTS.099/.1031/2CTS.090PE4710 / PE3408PF-503281001-1/4IPSSDR 9.31-1/4IPSSDR101CTS.099/.103PE4710 / PE3408PF-513231002IPSSDR112IPSSDR111-1/4IPSSDR9.3PE4710 / PE3408225'