b'BRASS BALL VALVESW.O.G. = WATER, OIL AND GAS W.S.P. = WORKING STEAM PRESSURESAFETY EXHAUST BALL VALVEPIPE PIPEFemale FemaleTo ToFemale FemaleWith Locking HandlePART No.Pipe PART No.Pipe BVSE2103-B1/4 BVSE2103-B-LH1/4BVSE2103-C3/8 BVSE2103-C-LH3/8BVSE2103-D1/2 BVSE2103-D-LH1/2BVSE2103-E3/4 BVSE2103-E-LH3/4THESE VALVES ARE DESIGNED TO EXHAUST DOWNSTREAM AIR IN THE CLOSED POSITION.BRASS 3 PORT BALL VALVESPIPEFemale Ends3 Port2 - WayPART No.PipeW.O.G.BV2101-B1/4400BV2101-C3/8400BV2101-D1/2400BV2101-E3/4400BV2101-H1400BV2101-J1-1/4400BV2101-K1-1/2400BV2101-M2400FORGED BRASS 3 PORT BALL VALVEPIPEFemale Ends3 Port2 - WayPRESSURE RATING:Bottom Port as inlet 500 P.S.ISide Port as inlet 100 P.S.IPART No.PipeBV2101T-B1/4 BV2101T-C3/8BV2101T-D1/2153'