b'COMPRESSION FITTINGS FOR POLY TUBE(COMPLETE WITH FIXED INSERTS)BRASS 90 ELBOWINSERTCONNECTOR Poly TubePART No.Tube I.D.Poly Tube To ToFemale Pipe481-4H.125 Female Pipe481-4.170481-5.187 PART No.TubePipe PART No.TubePipe481-6.250 466-4A1/41/8 470-4A1/41/8481-8.375 466-4B1/41/4 470-4B1/41/4481-10.500 466-6B3/81/4 470-6B3/81/4466-6C3/83/8Lead Free 466-8C1/23/8Part No.LF-481-4 .170LF-481-5.187LF-481-6.250CONNECTOR 45 ELBOWLF-481-8.375LF-481-10.500Poly Tube To Poly TubeMale Pipe ToThe 480 Sleeve and 481 insert will covert standard Male Pipe compressionttings and valves for use with poly tube.PART No.TubePipe468-4A1/41/8 PART No.TubePipeDELRIN 468-4B1/41/4 474-4A1/41/8SLEEVE 468-4C1/43/8468-4D1/41/2PART No.Tube O.D. 468-5A5/161/8480-41/4 468-5B5/161/4468-6A3/81/8 1. 2.480-55/16480-63/8 468-6B3/81/4 TEE480-81/2 468-6C3/83/8 Poly Tube 480-105/8 468-6D3/81/2468-8B1/21/4 Three Ends468-8C1/23/8468-8D1/21/2 3.NUTPART No.TubeLead Free 464-41/4Part No. 464-63/8PART No.Tube O.D. LF-468-4A1/41/8 464-81/261-41/4 LF-468-4B1/41/461-55/16 LF-468-6B 3/81/4 Reducing61-63/8 LF-468-6C 3/83/8 12361-81/2 LF-468-8D 1/21/2 464R-643/83/81/461-105/8UNION 90 ELBOWCOUPLINGPoly Tube To TEEPoly Tube Poly Tube Ends PolyTube andPART No.Tube O.D. Male Pipe462-41/4 PART No.Tube Center Poly462-55/16 465-41/4462-63/8 465-63/8 PART No.TubePipe462-81/2 471-4A1/41/8Reducing 471-6B3/81/4462R-643/8 to 1/4462R-861/2 to 3/890 ELBOWLead FreePoly Tube ToPart No. TEELF-462-41/4 Male Pipe Ends PolyTube CenterPART No.TubePipeCOUPLING 469-4A1/41/8 Male Pipe Poly Tube To 469-4B1/41/4469-4C1/43/8 PART No.TubePipe Copper Tube 469-5B5/161/4 472-4B1/41/4469-6B3/81/4 472-6B3/81/4PART No.Tube 469-6C3/83/8467-441/4 469-6D3/81/2467-663/8 469-8C1/23/8469-8D1/21/2Lead Free TEEBULKHEAD Part No. Ends PolyLF-469-4A 1/41/8 Tube Center Poly Tube To LF-469-4B1/41/4Poly TubeLF-469-6A 3/81/8 Female PipeLF-469-6B3/81/4PART No.Tube LF-469-6C 3/83/8 PART No.TubePipe477-41/4 LF-469-8C 1/23/8 478-4A1/41/8477-63/8 LF-469-8D 1/21/2 478-6B3/81/413'