b'S.A.E. - J318 GLADHANDS& ACCESORIESGHV (Valved Series) GLADHAND GRIPSDescriptionGladhand Grip Handles With Thread Sealant.Sold Only in sets.(Red and Blue)PART No.Pipe SizeGH-GRIP1/2GHV SERIES WITH BULKHEADDescriptionKnurled Solid Aluminum Gladhand Grip HandlesWith Thread Sealant. Sold Only in sets.(Red and Blue)PART No.Pipe SizeGHV (VALVED) SERIES GH-GRIP-ALUM1/2COUPLING BRACKETBottomBackColorPART No.Pipe SizePipe SizeType CodeGHV-E3/8 FPT1/4 FPTEmergencyRedGHV-S3/8 FPTServiceBlueBulkheadFemaleMaleColorPART No.Pipe SizePipe SizeTypeCodeGHV-E-BH3/8 3/4EmergencyRed PART No.DescriptionGHV-S-BH3/83/4ServiceBlue GH-BRACKETGladhand Holder GLADHAND DUMMY GLADHAND DUMMY KITWith ChainPART No.Description PART No.Description GH-DUMMYc/w 26 Security CableGH-DUMMY-NVINON-VENTED 171'