b'QUALIZER DRY GAUGES Dry GaugeAll Stainless SteelAccuracy: 1% ANSI/ASME Grade 1AConnection: Stainless Bourdon TubeAmbient-Process Temp: -58F To + 200F, -50C To +93C 1/4 NPT STEM PREMIUM ALL STAINLESS (4 DIAL)Description & Features: Applications: Over-Pressure Limit: Dampened movement minimizes effects ofIdeally suited for process, chemical and 25% for pressures up to 1,450 psi (9,998 kPa),pulsation and vibration without liquidlling petroleum industry 15% for pressures over 1,500, psi (10,342 kPa) Restricted ori ce standard on dual scaleWhere chemical compatibility and Socket Gasket: 2.5 (63mm): Buna N for two-(optional on single scale) contamination is a concern piece internal socket seal Stainless steel case Speci cations: Fill Plug: Buna N 316 SS wetted parts Dial: 4 ( 100mm) white aluminum with blackLens Ring: Gasket Silicone rubber Back, bottom, or panel mounted and red markings (2-1/2 dial available onAmbient/Process Temperature: CRN registered request) -58F To + 200F, -50C To +93CCase: AISI 304 SS (dry) Working Pressure:Lens: Polycarbonate Maximum 75% of full scale valueRing: AISI 304 SS bayonet Accuracy:Socket: 316 SS 4 (100mm): 1% ANSI/ASME Grade 1ABourdon Tube: 316 SSMovement: 304 SS, dampenedPointer: Aluminum, anodized black,micrometer adjustableDial Dia.Range PART No.(IN.)(P.S.I.)(kPa)PG-30ZRSD4SS40-300-200PG-60ZRSD4SS40-600-400PG-100ZRSD4SS40-1000-700PG-160ZRSD4SS40-1600-1100PG-200ZRSD4SS40-2000-1400PG-300ZRSD4SS40-3000-2100PG-600ZRSD4SS40-6000-4,200PG-1000ZRSD4SS40-1,0000-7,000PG-1500ZRSD4SS40-1,5000-10,000PG-2000ZRSD4SS40-2,0000-14,000PG-3000ZRSD4SS40-3,0000-21,000PG-5000ZRSD4SS40-5,0000-35,000PG-10000ZRSD4SS40-10,0000-70,000PG-15000ZRSD4SS40-15,0000-100,000 Others available: see (-D) next page.The pressure dampening mechanismof the Equalizer Gauge provides the reliability and accuracy of a liquid gauge without the risk of fogging, discoloring or cold weather gelling.196'