b'PROPANE / NATURAL GASQUICK DISCONNECT COUPLINGSWELDING THREAD LP-GAS TORCH QUICK DISCONNECTSVALVED COUPLER - BRASS NIPPLE - BRASSBodyBody PART No.SizeThread PART No.SizeThreadQD-GMC4-4MW1/49/16-18 LH QD-GMN4-4FW1/49/16-18 LHQ.D. SET COUPLER & PLUGPART No.Description NOTE: Welding torch quick disconnects QD-GMW-FM Coupler and Nipple Set will not mate with other GAS-FLO QDs.QD-GMW-F2MCoupler and2 Nipples SetRECREATIONAL VEHICLE VALVED QUICK DISCONNECTBRASS PLUG 1/4 MALE PIPECOUPLER WITH BALL VALVE 1/4 FEMALE PIPE BodyBodyPART No.SizePipe PART No.SizePipeQD-GMRVN4-4M1/4 1/4 MPT QD-GMRVC4-4F1/41/4 FPTFullow plug for quick connect andFor quick connect and disconnect of LPdisconnect of R.V. style coupler. gas hose to LP gas camping appliance.R.V. Q.D. SET COUPLER & PLUG QD-RVSDC-4PART No. COUPLER P PLUGBB-QD-GMRV-SETDescriptionWith Retail Blister Box188'