b'INDUSTRIAL WATER NOZZLESPISTOL GRIP WATER NOZZLESPART No. GHN PART No. GHN7 Fairviews GHN IndustrialFairviews 7 pattern nozzle Water Nozzle is ideal forfeatures a slim molded grip commercial and domesticthat prioritizes comfort. water hose applications. Integrated trigger lock Sprays from ane mist to aallows for long watering heavy stream.sessions The easy-to-read Removable Thread protector dial can be twisted in either Thread cap included.direction to get one of Protector the seven spray patterns ranging from ane mist to a jet stream. PART No. GHN-BN PART No. GHTN-RGFairviews heavy-dutyFor those who prioritize nozzle features an all brasscomfort and lightness, stem, nut and adjustableFairviews metal twist tip for ultimate durability.nozzle provides a molded A rear trigger design withrubber grip on both the an integrated trigger lockbody and tip for ultimate allows for long wateringcomfort. All metal sessions and the sprayconstruction provides pattern ranges from anedurability but keeps it light mist to a jet stream.in your hand.BRASS INDUSTRIAL WATER NOZZLESPART No. GHPSPART No. GHTNFairviews 2 BrassFairviews heavy duty 4 IndustrialWater Nozzleall brass twist nozzle is is ideal for commercialdurable and dependable and domestic water hosewhile delivering a fully applications.adjustable spray intensity. Diamond pattern ridges make it easy to grip in any condition.Water Hose Fittings and Accessories See Pages 33 - 34* Water Nozzle Models Change From Time To Time.May Not Be Exactly As Shown.241'