b'QUALITY RUBBER HOSEThis quality rubber hosefeatures EPDM cover and tube with high tensile spiral synthetic yarn reinforcement. It is best suited for applications requiring maximumexibility or a lighter weight rubber hose. CONSTRUCTION: TUBE: EPDM (RMA CLASS C) COVER: EPDM (RMA CLASS C) REINFORCEMENT: Spiral synthetic yarnNOTECOLORS: Black, Green, Red, YellowWORKING PRESSURE RATED WORKING PRESSURTEMPERATURE: -22F to +167F, -30C to +75CAT +70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT T +70F +21C.OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN PACKAGING: ReelsTEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE FITTINGS: Pages 58 - 60WORKING PRESSURE.BEND PROTECTORS: Page 248 ActualHose WorkingReelActualHose WorkingReelI.D.O.D.PressureLength I.D.O.D.PressureLengthPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)(FT.) PART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)(FT.)RGP-4BLK-REEL1/4.500200300 RGP-10BLK-REEL5/8.930200500-700RGP-4RED-REEL1/4.500200300 RGP-10RED-REEL5/8.968200500-700RGP-4/2RED-REEL1/4.527250300RGP-6RED-REEL3/8.669200300 RGP-12BLK-REEL3/41.080200200RGP-6/2RED-REEL3/8.700250300 RGP-12RED-REEL3/41.118200200RGP-12/2RED-REEL3/41.141250500-700RGP-8BLK-REEL1/2.810200300 RGP-16RED-REEL11.440200200RGP-8RED-REEL1/2.810200300 RGP-20RED-REEL1-1/41.750200300RGP-8/2RED-REEL1/2.838250300 RGP-24RED-REEL1-1/22.000200300QUALITY RUBBER HOSE ASSEMBLIESThe RG Series of assemblies is constructed with RGPhose. All assemblies have factory crimped ends witheither B - 1/4, C - 3/8 or D - 1/2 brass male pipe ends.Standard lengths are -25, 50, 75 or 100ft.COLORS: Black, Red TEMPERATURE: -22F to +167F, -30C to +75C PACKAGING: Individually shrink wrapped with bar coded label. FITTINGS: Machined Brass Custom lengths available upon request.NOTE:WORKING PRESSURE RATED AT +70F +21C.ANY AMBIENT OR INTERNAL INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE WILL LOWER THE WORKING PRESSURE.1/4 I.D. HOSE1/4 NPT ENDS 3/8 I.D. HOSE1/4 NPT ENDS 1/2 I.D. HOSE1/2 NPT ENDSWorkingWorkingWorking LengthPressure LengthPressure LengthPressurePART No.(FT.)(P.S.I.) PART No.(FT.)(P.S.I.) PART No.(FT.)(P.S.I.)RG4RED-25B25200 RG6RED-25B25200 RG8/2RED-25D25250RG4RED-50B50200 RG6RED-50B50200 RG8/2RED-50D50250RG4RED-100B100200 RG6RED-100B100200 RG8/2RED-100D100250RG4/2RED-25B25250 RG6/2RED-25B25250RG4/2RED-50B50250 RG6/2RED-50B50250RG4/2RED-100B100250 RG6/2RED-100B10025080'