b'PROPANE TORCHESPROPANE TORCH ASSEMBLIES COMPLETE WITH REGULATORActualHoseReg. Delivery I.D.LengthInlet Pressure Range PART No.(IN.)(FT)Connection(PSI)I4C120FWGR330POLHN1/410Hard Nose POL0-30 PSIGI4C180FWGR330POLHN1/415Hard Nose POL0-30 PSIGI4C240FWGR330POLHN1/420Hard Nose POL0-30 PSIGI4C300FWGR330POLHN1/425Hard Nose POL0-30 PSIGI4C120FWGR360POLHN1/410Hard Nose POL0-60 PSIGI4C180FWGR360POLHN1/415Hard Nose POL0-60 PSIGI4C240FWGR360POLHN1/420Hard Nose POL0-60 PSIGI4C300FWGR360POLHN1/425Hard Nose POL0-60 PSIGPART No.Assembly Components135-LBOutlet Bushing 9/16-18 L.H. x 1/4 NPT Different con gurations available.2002-H-HNTailpiece Hard Nose P.O.L. To 1/4 NPT Complete Kits Available on Page 237I4C**FWFWType I Propane Hose (Specify Length)GR-3380-30 P.S.I. Regulator With HN P.O.L.GR-3680-60 P.S.I. Regulator With HN P.O.L.GR-338 GR-465GRYGR-330 GR-460GRY0-30 P.S.I. 0-60 P.S.I.Regulator Only CompactRegulator OnlyType I Propane HoseI4C120FWFW(10 Feet Long)135-LB Brass Outlet BushingFemale WeldingConnection9/16-18 (Left Hand Thread)2002-H-HN Hard Nose POL Tailpiece Assembly238'