b'BRASS D.O.T. AIR BRAKE FITTINGS(FOR COPPER TUBE) CONNECTOR 90 ELBOWSLEEVE Tube TubeTo ToPART No.Tube Male Pipe Female Pipe1160-41/41160-63/8 PART No.TubePipe PART No.TubePipe1160-81/2 1168-4A1/41/8 1170-4A1/41/81160-105/8 1168-4B1/41/41168-6B3/81/41168-6C3/83/81168-8C1/23/81168-8D1/21/2 TEE1168-10D5/81/2 Tube1168-12E3/43/4 Three EndsPART No.TubeNUT 45 ELBOW 1164-41/4Tube 1164-63/8PART No.Tube To1161-41/41161-63/8 Male PipeTEE1161-81/21161-105/8 PART No.TubePipe Ends Tube1161-123/4 1174-6B3/81/4To Male Pipe1174-6C3/83/8 Center TubePART No.TubePipe90 ELBOW 1171-4B1/41/4TubeTo TEEUNION Male Pipe Ends TubeCOUPLINGTo Male PipePART No.TubePipe Center Tube1169-4A 1/41/8PART No.Tube 1169-4B1/41/41162-41/4 1169-6B3/81/4 PART No.TubePipe1162-63/8 1169-6C3/83/8 1172-6B3/81/41162-81/2 1169-8C1/23/8BRASS D.O.T. AIR BRAKE FITTINGS(WITH FIXED INSERTS, FOR D.O.T. AIR BRAKE TUBE: PAGE 132)BRASS D.O.T. AIR BRAKE FITTINGS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS1.Cut tube squarely.2.Slide nut and then sleeve onto tube.3.Insert tubetting until it bottoms on seat.4.Hand tighten and mark body.5.Full clockwise wrench turns as per chart.TubeAdditional Full TurnsSizefrom Hand Tight.1/433/8, 1/2 4and 5/83/43-1/225'