b'HOSE ACCESSORIESSPIRAL HOSE GUARD WRAP SPLIT LOOMDispenserCartonDesigned to hold & protect cables, harnesses and hoses. Quick & easy Designed for use with Hydraulic hose, Air Brake hose and tubing, Propane /to Install. Slit automatically closes after installation. Black provides Natural Gas hose and electrical wire bundles, Fairviews tough andexiblesuperior outdoor ultraviolet light protection.spiral wrap is available in custom lengths up to 164 FT. (50 Meters) -40C (-40F) to + 85C (185F)Maximum I.D. Maximum I.D.PART No.(IN.)(MM) PART No.(IN.)(MM)SPL-4BLK-CTN.2666.76 SPL-12BLK-CTN.75919.28PART No.I.D (IN.)Wall (IN.)Pitch (IN.) SPL-6BLK-CTN.3809.65 SPL-16BLK-CTN1.06927.16SPW-8BLK0.380.050.4 SPL-8BLK-CTN.51513.07SPW-10BLK0.530.050.5SPW-12BLK0.630.080.6SPW-16BLK0.810.090.8SPW-20BLK1.060.100.9 BEND PROTECTORSSPW-24BLK1.360.111.0SPW-32BLK1.690.141.2SPW-40BLK2.190.151.2SPW-48BLK2.610.171.7SPW-56BLK3.160.191.8SPW-64BLK3.900.222.0SPW-72BLK4.460.232.2MATERIAL: POLYVINYLCHLORIDETEMPERATURE:-40F to +200F (-40C to +93C) NYLON SLEEVE HOSE PROTECTOR Smoothnish, frictiont, bend protector reduces bending stress near hose end for longer, trouble free hose life.STYLES MAY VARY.Note: Other sizes available upon request.POLYVINYLCHLORIDE STEELLength LengthPART No.I.D.(IN.) PART No.I.D.(IN.)MP-BP-4.6255.50 MP-SBP-6.6725.00MP-BP-6.7356.38Reduces abrasions and increases hose life. Protects against UV,MP-BP-8.8357.00physical abrasion and deterioration. Meets ISO 6945 abrasion standard, MSHA approvedColorblack SPRING GUARD - HOSE PROTECTORSleeve I.D. Sleeve I.D.PART No.(IN.) PART No.(IN.) Prevents kinking.NS-10.71 NS-281.85 Reduces abrasions, NS-14.90 NS-302.09NS-161.14 NS-322.25 increases hose life. Covers entire length of hose.NS-201.25 NS-382.38NS-221.38 NS-462.87 Spring I.D.NS-261.57 NS-644.50 PART No. (IN.)NOTE: Additional Sizes Available on Request. SG-650.650SG-686.686 248'