b'PROPANE GAS PIGTAIL AND HOGTAILS(C.S.A. Approved To UL569)STANDARD PIGTAILSCOPPER TUBE FOR PIGTAILS IS 1/4 O.D. BY .049 WALL.Propane gas copper pigtails and hogtails provide aexible connection between the container valve and the regulator.P.O.L.P.O.L. P.O.L.1/4 (7/16-24) P.O.L.1/4SHORT NOSESHORT NOSE LONG NOSESWIVEL MALE LONG NOSESOLID (1-1/8 HEX NUT)INVERTED(7/8 HEX NUT)MALE PIPELengthFLAREPART No.(IN.) LengthCP-201212 Length PART No.(IN.)CP-202020 PART No.(IN.) CP-281212CP-203030 CP-232020 CP-282020CP-203636 CP-234848CP-204848PROPANE GAS HOGTAILP.O.L.P.O.L. P.O.L.1/4 SOLIDLONG NOSELONG NOSE SHORTMALE(1-1/8 HEX NUT)(1-1/8 HEX NUT) NOSEPIPECOPPER TUBE FOR HOGTAILS IS 3/8 O.D. BY .049 WALL.Length LengthPART No.(IN.) PART No.(IN.)CP-212020 CP-241212CP-213636 CP-242020CP-214848 CP-243030CP-243636P.O.L.1/4 (7/16-24) P.O.L.P.O.L.SHORT NOSESWIVEL MALE SHORT NOSESHORT NOSEINVERTEDP.O.L.P.O.L.FLARE LONG NOSELONG NOSE Length(7/8 HEX NUT)(7/8 HEX NUT) PART No.(IN.)Length CP-271212PART No.(IN.) Length CP-272020CP-222020 PART No.(IN.) CP-273030CP-223030 CP-252020 CP-273636CP-223636 CP-254848 CP-274848INSULATED PIGTAILSCOPPER TUBE FOR PIGTAILS IS 1/4 O.D. BY .049 WALL.Designed speci cally for use on Underground LP-Gas Containers where dielectric isolation is necessary to protect the container.Listed to UL569. NFPA 58 (Liquid Petroleum Gas Code), NFPA 58 A.6.6.1 (I) Paragraph 6, Check with your Local Authority Having Jurisdiction.P.O.L.P.O.L. P.O.L.1/4 SOLID P.O.L.1/4 (7/16-24)SHORT NOSESHORT NOSE SHORT NOSEMALE PIPE SHORT NOSESWIVEL MALEINVERTED FLARELengthLengthPART No.(IN.) PART No.(IN.) LengthCPIN-201212 CPIN-241212 PART No.(IN.)CPIN-202020 CPIN-242020CPIN-222020136'