b'ORDERING HYDRAULIC HOSE ASSEMBLIESLength Tolerances for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies ASSEMBLY OVERALL LENGTHand Speci ed Hose Lengths.LengthTolerance The overall length of the assembly is measured in Inches 0 to and including 361/4 including hose ends. Example:2 = 24.00Above 361% of length 10 = 120.0measured to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. 100 = 1200.4 Mustll all 5 spaces in the Overall Length CodeSAMPLE HOSE ASSEMBLY PART NUMBER 5 7HOSE END FITTING CODES1 2 3 4 5 6 78 CODEDESCRIPTIONB9Female British Parallel 90 ElbowHAT2SN06C 120.0 FVCMP C BFFemale BSPP Swivel Female Cone BMFemale BSPP Swivel Male ConeFHFemale Heavy MetricHYDRAULIC H9Female Heavy Metric 90 MetricASSEMBLY JS Female JIS 30 Flare KMFemale Komatsu 30 FlareFLFemale Light MetricL9Female Light Metric 90 Elbow1 HOSE CODE FVFemale NPSM Swivel2 HOSE SIZE CODE RSFemale O-Ring Face Seal 3 ASSEMBLY TYPE CODE R5Female O-Ring Face Seal 45 Elbow 4 OVERALL LENGTH (IN.) R9Female O-Ring Face Seal 90 Elbow FPFemale Pipe5 HOSE END CODE 1 FJFemale Swivel 37 S.A.E.6 SIZE CODE 1 J5Female Swivel 37 S.A.E. 45 Elbow7 HOSE END CODE 2 J9Female Swivel 37 S.A.E. 90 Elbow8 SIZE CODE 2 JLFemale Swivel 37 S.A.E. 90 Elbow (Long)FSFemale Swivel 45 S.A.E. S5Female Swivel 45 S.A.E. 45 Elbow1 HOSE CODES 2 6 8SIZE CODES S9Female Swivel 45 S.A.E. 90 ElbowCODE DESCRIPTIONHOSESIZE C5Flange code 61 45 ElbowT1SNS.A.E. 100R1 ACCUTEK SIZETUBECODE C9Flange code 61 90 ElbowT1XXS.A.E. 100R1 KOMAN021/8A C1Flange code 61 StraightT2SNS.A.E. 100R2 ACCUTEK 033/16F D5Flange code 62 45 ElbowT2XXS.A.E. 100R2 KOMAN041/4B D9Flange code 62 90 ElbowHR4XS.A.E. 100R4 055/16G D2Flange code 62 StraightHR5XS.A.E. 100R5 063/8C TRFlareless Tube RepairHR7XS.A.E. 100R7 081/2DR7NC100R7 Non-Conductive 105/8I GTGrease TapHR8XS.A.E. 100R8 123/4ER8NC100R8 Non-Conductive 161H MJMale 37 S.A.E.HR12S.A.E. 100R12 201-1/4JMSMale 45 S.A.E.HR16S.A.E. 100R16 241-1/2K BPMale British ParallelHR17S.A.E. 100R17 322M BTMale British Tapered MHMale Heavy MetricR16L100R16 Low Temp. MIMale Inverted FlareR17L100R17 Low Temp. 3 ASSEMBLY TYPE CODES I5Male Inverted Flare 45 ElbowHR18S.A.E. 100R18 I9Male Inverted Flare 90 ElbowCODETYPEMLMale Light Metric MOMale O-RingCCrimp EndsO5Male O-Ring Boss 45 ElbowRReusable EndsO9Male O-Ring Boss 90 ElbowTTwin-Line HoseRMMale O-Ring Face Seal SOMale O-Ring Boss Swivel MPMale PipeSPMale Pipe SwivelP9Male Pipe Swivel 90 ElbowSTStand Pipe113'