b'PNEUMATIC QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLINGSARO210 / ARO310 INTERCHANGE SERIES - AUTOMATICFairviews QD-ARO series is a pin-type push-to-connect coupler designed for one way shut-off operation.It is interchangeable with ARO-210 / ARO-310 style couplers available from various manufacturers.See Pneumatic Quick Disconnect Crossover - Page 180Operating pressure: 250 P.S.I. (17 BAR)Identi ed by its slightly longer nose than Industrial styleCOUPLERS NIPPLESPART No.Body SizePipe PART No.Body SizePipeQD-AROAC4-4F1/4 1/4 FPT QD-ARON4-4F1/4 1/4 FPTQD-AROAC4-6F1/43/8 FPT QD-ARON6-6F3/83/8 FPTQD-AROAC6-6F3/83/8 FPTPART No.Body SizePipePART No.Body SizePipe QD-ARON4-4M1/41/4 MPTQD-AROAC4-4M1/41/4 MPT QD-ARON4-6M1/43/8 MPTQD-AROAC4-6M1/43/8 MPT QD-ARON6-6M3/83/8 MPTQD-AROAC6-6M3/83/8 MPTPART No.Body SizeHose BarbPART No.Body SizeHose Barb QD-ARON4-4H1/41/4QD-AROAC4-4H1/41/4QD-AROAC4-6H1/43/8TRU-FLATE INTERCHANGE (AUTOMOTIVE STANDARD)Fairviews automotive standard series interchanges with Tru-Flate design as well as automotive standards produced by most manufacturers. The nipple can be easily identi ed by its extremely short pilot.See Pneumatic Quick Disconnect Crossover - Page 180Operating pressure: 300 P.S.I. (21 BAR)Identi ed by its very short noseCOUPLERS NIPPLESPART No.Body SizeMaterialPipe PART No.Body SizeMaterialPipeQD-TFMC4-4F1/4 Brass1/4 FPT QD-TFN4-4F1/4 Brass1/4 FPTQD-TFMC6-4F3/8Steel1/4 FPT QD-TFN6-4F3/8Steel1/4 FPTQD-TFMC6-6F3/8Steel3/8 FPT QD-TFN6-6F3/8Steel3/8 FPTQD-TFMC8-8F1/2Steel1/2 FPT QD-TFN8-8F1/2Steel1/2 FPTQD-TFMC4-4M1/4Brass1/4 MPT QD-TFN4-4M1/4Brass1/4 MPTQD-TFMC6-4M3/8Steel1/4 MPT QD-TFN6-4M3/8Steel1/4 MPTQD-TFMC6-6M3/8Steel3/8 MPT QD-TFN6-6M3/8Steel3/8 MPTQD-STFN4-4F1/4 Steel1/4 FPTQD-STFN4-4M1/4 Steel1/4 MPT183'