b'UTILITY VALVESGATE VALVES ANGLE VALVESFEMALE PIPE FLARE TO MALE PIPEForged BodyPART No.PipeW.O.G.217-B1/4200 PART No.TubePipeP.S.I.217-C3/8200 1049-6B3/81/4200217-D1/2200 1049-6C3/83/8200217-E3/4200 1049-6D3/81/2200217-H1200 1049-8C1/23/8200217-J1-1/4200 1049-10D5/81/2200217-K1-1/2200217-M2200217-N2-1/2200217-P3200217-S4200 HOSE TO MALE PIPEForged BodyHoseSELECTOR VALVES WITH CLICK PART No.I.D.PipeP.S.I.1139-6C3/83/8200Applications: Brass fuel selector valves for dual tank fuel1139-8C1/23/82001139-10C5/83/8200lines. These selector valves have ports of same diameter1139-10D5/81/2200NPT female thread. Offered in 1/4 NPT or 3/8 NPT sizes.1139-12C3/43/8200Commonly used in either/or applications for twin fuel1139-12D3/41/2200tanks (withdraw from one tank at a time), or for looping a fuel polishing system that does not operate while engine is running.HOSE TO MALE PIPEForged Body THREE WAY SHUT-OFF Heater Valve(With Mounting Bracket)Flow either of two side ports Hoseto center port. PART No.I.D.PipeP.S.I.All Ports Female Pipe HV1139-10C5/83/8200StemPART No.PipeLengthP.S.I.2101-B1/41-3/8302101-C3/81-3/830MALE PIPE TO FEMALE PIPEOPERATING TEMPERATURE:Forged Body-40F to +180F, -40C to +82CMaleFemalePART No.PipePipeP.S.I.1115-CC3/83/8200FOUR WAY SHUT-OFF 1115-DC1/23/8200(With Mounting Bracket)Flow either of three side portsto bottom port.All Ports Female PipeFLARE TO MALE PIPEStem Forged BodyPART No.PipeLengthP.S.I.2102-B1/41-3/830 PART No.TubePipeP.S.I.2102-BL1/42-7/830 1054-6D3/81/22002102-C3/81-3/830 1054-6E3/83/4200OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40F to +180F, -40C to +82C163'