b'WATER / PRESSURE WASH COUPLINGSSTRAIGHT THROUGH PRESSURE WASH Q.D.S Smooth bore permits freeow. Ideal for high pressure water applications (Pressure Washers) Temperature: Hot Water +200F, +93C With EPR O-RingCOUPLER SET PRESSURE RATINGS (P.S.I.) 1/43/81/2BRASS4,0004,0002,200STEEL4,0004,0002,700STAINLESS STEEL4,0004,0003,000STRAIGHT THROUGH COUPLER - BRASS STRAIGHT THROUGH NIPPLE - BRASSPART No.Body SizeFemale Pipe PART No.Body SizeMale PipeQD-BSTC4-4F1/41/4 QD-BSTN4-4M1/41/4QD-BSTC6-6F3/83/8 QD-BSTN6-6M3/83/8QD-BSTC8-8F1/21/2 QD-BSTN8-8M1/21/2PART No.Body SizeMale Pipe STRAIGHT THROUGH NIPPLE - STEELQD-BSTC4-4M1/41/4QD-BSTC6-6M3/83/8 PART No.Body SizeFemale PipeQD-BSTC8-8M1/21/2 QD-STN4-4F1/41/4QD-STN6-6F3/83/8STRAIGHT THROUGH COUPLER - STAINLESS STEEL QD-STN8-8F1/21/2PART No.Body SizeFemale Pipe PART No.Body SizeMale PipeQD-SSTC4-4F1/41/4 QD-STN4-4M1/41/4QD-SSTC6-6F3/83/8 QD-STN6-6M3/83/8QD-SSTC8-8F1/21/2 QD-STN8-8M1/21/2PART No.Body SizeMale Pipe STRAIGHT THROUGH NIPPLE - STAINLESS STEELQD-SSTC4-4M1/41/4QD-SSTC6-6M3/83/8 PART No.Body SizeFemale PipeQD-SSTN4-4F1/41/4STRAIGHT THROUGH NIPPLE - BRASS QD-SSTN6-6F3/83/8QD-SSTN8-8F1/21/2PART No.Body SizeFemale PipeQD-BSTN4-4F1/41/4 PART No.Body SizeMale PipeQD-BSTN6-6F3/83/8 QD-SSTN4-4M1/41/4QD-BSTN8-8F1/21/2 QD-SSTN6-6M3/83/8QD-SSTN8-8M1/21/2PRESSURE WASH HOSE ADAPTERSPART No.Pipe Size PART No.Pipe Size PART No.Pipe SizeQD-KARCHER-6F3/8 FPT X M22 X 1.5 QD-KARN-6F3/8 FPT X M22 X 1.5 B1120-CC-30003/8 MPT x 3/8 FPTQD-KARCHER-6M3/8 NPT X M22 X 1.5 QD-KARN-6M3/8 NPT X M22 X 1.5 SWIVEL USED TO ADAPT STANDARD PRESSURE WASH HOSES TO KARCHER STYLE EQUIPMENTABOVE PRESSURE WASH3000 PSI BRASS SWIVEL: DESIGNED FOR COUPLINGS COME WITH EPR O-RING GOOD FOR HOT WATER UP TO 200F PRESSURE RATING: 4000 PSI USE WITH PRESSURE WASH ASSEMBLIESBRASS WATER HOSE (GARDEN HOSE) QUICK DISCONNECTSPART No.DESCRIPTIONQD-WHCFQuick DisconnectPART No.DESCRIPTIONCoupler X QD-WHNMQuick Disconnect Water Hose Thread Nipple XQD-WHVCFValved QD Coupler X Water Hose ThreadWater Hose Thread186'