b'POLYETHYLENE MECHANICAL FITTINGS AND RISERSElster Perfection has developed a complete mechanical polyethylene gas distribution system forinstalling a Main-to-Meter gas service. This family of easy-to-install products incorporates Permasert couplings and allows you to make fast and safe piping connections without the use of special tools or expensive equipment. Complementing the wide variety of couplings, we offer anodeless service line risers, PermaLockMechanical Tapping Tees, PSV polyethylene shut-off valves, and Perfection excessow valves. Each of these products features Permasert coupling outlets and are available in a broad range of sizes.Reducing Couplingsand Reducing TeesMechanical Couplings Blind End Caps and StubsCouplings w/ EFVExcess Flow ValvesTees, Wyesand Ells. RepairCouplings223'