b'S.A.E. HYDRAULIC HOSEMEDIUM PRESSURE (Non-Conductive) HOSEFor medium pressure hydraulic service in the handling of most hydraulicuids, diesel fuels, water and lubricating oils.Not suitable for use with phosphate esters.This hose combines the best features of conventional rubber hose with the unique advantages of synthetic materials. CONSTRUCTION: High tensile strengthber reinforcement. Braided Syntheticber. TUBE: Oil and heat-resistant nylon inner tube. COVER: Resistant polyurethane non-pin pricked coverTEMPERATURE: -40F to +200F, -40C to +93C PACKAGING: ReelsCOLOR: Orange, NON-CONDUCTIVE Marking FITTINGS: SC700 (for 1/8 & 1/4 size Page 74), SCTP (Page 76) ** *S.A.E. WORKING PRESSURES SHOWN** MEDIUM PRESSURE TWIN LINE (NON-CONDUCTIVE) HOSE FEATURES: Low ElongationBest Value 100R7 HoseTYPICAL APPLICATIONS:For use with General HydraulicsMaterial HandlingForklift S.A.E. 100R7 High Pressure Gas TransferChemical TransferMeets or Exceeds SAE J517 CONSTRUCTION: Braided Syntheticber.Exceeds 100R7 Impulse RequirementsTUBE: Nylon-lined core tubeLightweight and FlexibleCOVER: Resistant polyurethane non-pin pricked coverTEMPERATURE: -40F to +200F, -40C to +93C FITTINGS: SCTP (Page 76)** MEDIUM PRESSURE TWIN LINE (NON-CONDUCTIVE) HOSENominal WorkingMin. BurstMin. BendWeightReelHose I.D.Hose O.D.PressurePressureRadius/ Ft.LengthsPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I.)(P.S.I.)(IN.)(LBS.)(FT.)HR7-2ORA-REEL1/8.3223,00012,000.75 .03250HR7-4ORA-REEL1/4.4962,75011,0001.50.06250HR7-5ORA-REEL5/16.5802,50010,0001.75.08250HR7-6ORA-REEL3/8.6502,2509,0002.00.11250HR7TW-6ORA-REEL**3/8.6502,2509,0002.00.20250HR7-8ORA-REEL1/2.8342,0008,0003.00.16250HR8 HIGH PRESSURE HOSEFEATURES: Meets or exceeds SAE 100R8 impulse requirements, good kink resis-tance, lightweight; less than about half of comparable rubber wire hose. Highly abrasion resistant outer cover, the inner tube will not chip or peel in service.TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Ideal for use in applications where a non-conductive high pressure hydraulic hose is required; industrial hydraulic construction, material handling, agricultural equipment, hydraulic tools, lubrication lines and hydraulic lifts.Meets or exceeds S.A.E. 100R8 CONSTRUCTION: Aramidber reinforcement TUBE: Seamless polyester inner tubeSpeci cationsCOVER: Highly abrasion resistant polyurethane pinpricked coverExtremely DurableCOLOR: BlackHighly Abrasion ResistantTEMPERATURE: -40F to +200F, -40C to +93C FITTINGS: SCTP (Page 76) NominalHoseWorkingMin. BurstMin. BendApprox.ReelI.D.O.D.PressurePressure RadiusWgt./Ft.LengthPART No.(IN.)(IN.)(P.S.I)(P.S.I.)(IN.)(LBS.)(FT.)HR8-4-REEL1/4.4855,00020,000 2.00.070250HR8-6-REEL3/8.6304,00016,000 2.50.100250HR8-8-REEL1/2.8203,50014,0003.50.170250HR8-12-REEL3/41.0502,2509,0004.50.200250109'